3 mobile apps to improve memory, cognition and train your attention:

Here are three mobile apps that can help improve memory, attention and other cognitive skills on the go, for just a few minutes a day:

1) ‪#‎Lumosity‬
Aside from this app being a fun pastime with its games and challenges, Lumosity can help « train » some of our daily ‪#‎mental‬ ‪#‎skills‬ such as memory, attention, ‪#‎problem‬ ‪#‎solving‬, ‪#‎flexibility‬, ‪#‎processing‬ ‪#‎speed‬,‪#‎estimation‬ and more. The other interesting facet this app has to offer is that it takes your own objectives into account, then proposes 3 daily training regiments or sessions which take 5-10 minutes per day to complete; these training games are changed up on a daily basis to keep things interesting and challenging. Very well done app! (Free = limited access. 15$ per month, 80$ per year).

2) ‪#‎CogniFit‬ ‪#‎Brain‬ ‪#‎Trainer‬
Another interesting app designed by neuroscientists in order to help you improve memory and cognitive skills. The difference with this one is that a) you can track your own progress throughout time, b) you can play games and challenge your friends, which gives it a more social approach, and c) it adapts to your skills and gives insight/recommendations. The down side is that its free version is very limited, unless you’re willing to opt for a more expensive monthly subscription… your call! (Free= 4 games. Otherwise 13$ per month, 120$ per year)

3) Brain ‪#‎Fitness‬ ‪#‎Pro‬
Perhaps not as overwhelming or professional as the other two, this app still hands its users a good variety of options with regards to cognitive training. Memory, attention, ‪#‎working‬ memory, problem solving games are integrated in this app which costs much less than the other two and still does the job (only 4$ fixed price for iOS).

Make sure to keep your mind active and running! Take up difficult challenges, rise to the task, give yourself time to think, to analyze, to reconsider and to learn. They are excellent habits to keep up, not just to fight ageing but to also in order to maintain a healthy mind! Have fun with these!

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