weather and thinking

Weather and Thinking

All too well here in Canada, we all know what winter can do to our moods. However Winter Blues aside, changes in weather patterns or temperatures can affect us in a good many ways. There indeed appears to be a link between weather and thinking. Would you believe that winter can wake up your mind, or that warm weather can make it harder for us to think straight? If it can affect our body in a good number of biological ways (light variations, Vitamin D, breathing and asthma, mood, etc.), weather should therefore also be able to affect our thought patterns in some direct or indirect way.

Indeed, Scientific American published an article on the pros and cons of weather settings and changes, as well as their effect on the mind and body, in order for us to have a better understanding on the correlation that exists between weather and thinking. The following article is also interesting in that it englobes many other factors: for instance, being more organized in winter because a « survival mentality », being less forgetful because we’ll doubly make sure we have everything rather than having to face the cold again whereas the opposite can be true during summer, etc.

This is a great read for everyone to understand the existing links between weather and thinking.

Weather and Thinking article on ScientificAmerican:

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