13 Symptoms of a learning disability

Typical manifestations of a learning disability

The most common symptoms and manifestations in a person with a learning disability such as dyslexia, dysorthography, or dyscalculia are:

  • Obvious delay in French (or English) and/or mathematics lessons
  • Slow, choppy, or hesitant reading
  • Words replaced by others that are similar in form
  • Lack of time to complete work and exams
  • Writing to sound
  • Spelling difficulties, even when copying
  • Recurring difficulties in conjugation, spelling or grammar
  • Reverse writing of letters or numbers
  • Still counting on his fingers
  • Unable to integrate multiplication/division tables
  • Difficult borrowing and withholding
  • Recurring difficulties in mathematics, geometry, and problem solving
  • Consistently and significantly lower grades in French or mathematics compared to other courses

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