attention and diet

Paying attention to #food: A #diet to help promote better #ATTENTION

To facilitate attention and focus, INCREASE or emphasize:
– Proteins from eggs, meat, nuts, cheese (goat) or beans

– Fruits and vegetables for vitamins and natural sugars
– Omega 3 acids from fish oil, white fish, nuts, olive and canola oil, supplements
– Whole grain pasta, rice, cereal, bread
– Vitamin intake with multivitamins (B-6, D, etc.)
– Mineral supplements including iron, zinc and magnesium

To also facilitate attention, DECREASE or avoid:
– Sugar (*), corn syrup, honey, candy, especially high-fructose corn syrup
– Food colouring, dyes, sugar substitutes, food additives
– Trans-fats, partially hydrogenated oils (read ingredients)
– White flour, starch and complex sugars
– Fast foods or fatty foods requiring added energy to digest

—> (*) Remember that sugar is a fuel needed by all living beings in order to function, even in the case of an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or #ADHD! Moderation is key… really!

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