3 mobile apps to help manage stress, anxiety and insight

3 other ‪#‎ipad‬, ‪#‎iphone‬ or ‪#‎mobile‬ ‪#‎apps‬ that can help reduce ‪#‎mood‬ and‪#‎anxiety‬ or ‪#‎manage‬ ‪#‎stress‬:

1) ‪#‎Happify‬
Its goal is to help you ‪#‎train‬ ‪#‎happiness‬. Odd but true! Through a series of games and exercises, this app will try to lead you to pay more ‪#‎attention‬ to positive thoughts and experiences, so as to help you conquer your negativity and pessimistic approach to problems. ‪#‎Positive‬ attention, positive ‪#‎psychology‬, focusing on ‪#‎strengths‬ and ‪#‎qualities‬ are‪ #‎skills‬ that need to be built and trained up before they can be applied to everyday life, which this app intends to do. Why not have it around?

2) Get Some ‪#‎Headspace‬
Another interesting app in helping you relax and unwind through guided meditation, but more importantly through a progress page and reminders to help you focus on what needs to be done and how to tackle different situations. Keeping a clear mind, making sure your thoughts and emotions are well organized and at the ready are key. This app bases itself on Mindfulness techniques to help its users unwind. Its calming and clean interface is another plus!

3) ‪#‎Worry‬ ‪#‎Watch‬
This is an interesting compliment to other techniques you might have already put into place. Highly recommended! Its goal is to allow you to keep track of your past worries and anxieties, by allowing you to record your initial expectations toward a certain event, as well as to record the actual results and outcomes. The app then lets you revisit all these little moments  in your life, so that you may compare worries and outcomes, put them in perspective and give them meaning. Even more so, it will even run a report on the number of times you worried for nothing, and show you that the actual outcome is often better than the hypothetical worry! Worried about downloading this one? Just download it and realize you never needed to stress about it in the first place!

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