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Omega 3 To Improve Attention?

A recent study completed in the Netherlands investigated whether the use of Omega 3 to improve attention in children with or without ADHD had any real grounds for consideration. Results have shown that the use of Omega 3’s brought about functional improvements in attention.

The study made use of 3 groups: a group of children with ADHD receiving Omega 3 supplements, a group of children without ADHD receiving supplements and a control group that was given placebo. After 16 weeks, the study shows that children receiving Omega 3, irrespective of whether they had ADHD or not, improved compared to the children being given a placebo product.

The design of this study is interesting in that it supports the idea that the use of Omega 3 to improve attention can benefit everyone, not just people presenting with attentional difficulties. This goes alongside other studies demonstrating positive effects of Omega 3 in cerebral and cardiovascular health, irrespective of disease. Using Omega 3 to improve attention should not yet be considered as a fact, though more and more studies are demonstrating its usefulness for all-round health.

Do go consult this LA Times article, which gives further information on the study:

Or better yet, here is the original 2015 article in the journal Nature: