ADHD Screening & Assessment at Our Montreal Clinic

Assessing Attention Disorders in Children, Teens and Adults

The process of diagnosing ADHD or ADD is grounded in a meticulous and systematic approach aimed at ruling out alternative explanations for symptoms such as inattention, hyperactivity, or impulsivity. This involves the neuropsychologist engaging in a comprehensive elimination procedure to discount other possible causes. Consequently, an ADHD assessment is not solely focused on evaluating cognitive functions; it extends to an in-depth review of the individual’s developmental, social, academic, and behavioral history, as well as their medical background.

This thorough synthesis is crucial to ensure that no potential cause or explanation for the person’s challenges is overlooked. By adopting such a holistic approach, the assessment aims to accurately identify ADHD and distinguish it from other conditions that might present with similar symptoms.

Types of tests administered during a Neuropsychological Assessment to rule out other conditions

In neuropsychology, the evaluation process for ADHD is designed to encompass multiple areas of an individual’s functioning. After collecting personal and medical information in the initial interview, the assessment for ADHD begins. At this stage, the neuropsychologist proceeds to analyze various cognitive functions:


Cognitive/Intellectual Function

Language Function

Language skills involve the ability to understand, produce, and manipulate language, including aspects such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Assessments of language skills measure proficiency in various language domains, including:

Learning Function

Learning skills encompass the ability to acquire, retain, and apply new knowledge or skills effectively.

Assessments of learning skills evaluate individuals’ capacity to learn and adapt to new information or situations. These assessments may include standardized tests, classroom assessments, or performance-based evaluations.



We run a summary screening for elements such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem and social skills.

Additionally, on top of the tests listed above, in the case of an ADHD assessment, we enlist the help of parents and teachers for their observations regarding functional impairments perceived in the everyday life of the child. This helps us determine that any poor performance on the tests isn’t simply attributable to the child being anxious in new settings, for example.

Conditions other than ADHD that might result in similar behavioural patterns

Once a detailed personal history from a medical, family, academic and/or professional standpoint is obtained, and that the cognitive functions and skills mentioned above have been assessed, the neuropsychologist evaluates whether any of the following conditions might be the true explanations for the symptoms exhibited. It is the synthesis of the developmental, social, academic,and behavioural assessments coupled with a medical history that help the neuropsychologist see the full picture of an individual’s cognitive profile, as well as the most appropriate diagnosis, and the best way forward.

Here are some examples of other conditions that will be considered during an adult’s or a child’s assessment for ADHD:




Why NeuroSolution?

When considering the complexity of the interplay of factors mentioned above, it becomes clear that undergoing a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment for ADHD offers more than just a diagnosis – whichever this may be. It provides a detailed understanding of your individual strengths and weaknesses, which is essential for devising effective strategies to overcome challenges. This insight not only guides the selection of suitable interventions but also helps professionals and physicians tailor ADHD treatment plans or medication recommendations to best suit your unique needs.

In essence, a neuropsychological assessment with NeuroSolution will empower you to take control of your ADHD management journey, or any other diagnoses you might receive, with informed decisions and personalized support.

We’ve been trying to find a bilingual neuropsychologist for some time now to help our son, who’s in a French program. NeuroSolution was the bridge we were looking for.

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