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lumiere et cognition - lighting and cognition

Lighting and learning

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Lighting and Learning

A recent research has shown that a simple change in color temperature of ambient lighting can influence academic performance and overall work quality. In fact, they suggest that LED color temperatures of 5000 K (neutral) are ideal tints for reading and that a 6500 K color (cool) favours cognition, attention and mental effort. Color in the range 3500 K (warm) brings about a more relaxed mood compatible with recreational activities. Keep this in mind next time you purchase lightbulbs for your home.

Follow this link for more information on the study:  Huffington Post article on LED Color Temperature

trouble d'apprentissage

La nature du trouble d’apprentissage

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La nature du trouble d’apprentissage

Le terme “trouble d’apprentissage” est une appellation qu’on emploie pour représenter un trouble d’origine neurologique capable d’affecter une ou plusieurs fonctions cognitives liées aux apprentissages. Read More