Our Vision

NeuroSolution is affiliated to other healthcare professionals, each able to offer services in French and in English and to ensure a proper follow-up.

Our experienced neuropsychologists are passionate about their work and possess the latest and up-to-date knowledge in the field: the latest scientifically-recognized techniques and the most modern tools are put at your disposal throughout the assessment process in order to attain accurate diagnostic results and to ensure a first class service.

A multidisciplinary partnership at your service

NeuroSolution’s team consists of neuropsychologists able to work with young children, adolescents, adults or the elderly, who also collaborate with professional partners from different fields of specialization.

Aside from our specialized and comprehensive services in neuropsychology, complimentary services in psychology, remedial education and tutoring, as well as nutrition, audiology, pharmaceutical, medical or pediatric consultations are offered by our network of external partners. This holistic and effective approach aims indeed to support the individual, and to promote his development by addressing his needs.