Homework Help

Tutoring and Homework Help

Tutoring is an excellent academic complement for anyone who wants to perform, catch up and prepare for exams, or even facilitate learning within an educational context. Homework periods can sometimes be difficult at home because of the emotional connection that exists between a parent and his child. Tutoring and outside assistance with homework helps to avoid such emotional situations, advocating productivity and efficiency in a more formal context, where the link between the child and the tutor is not so emotionally charged.

In addition, the tutor not only helps with regards to consolidating a pupil’s academic topics, but also brings about opportunities to enrich their education by furthering the school curriculum, by providing additional information or alternative views and complementary methods of learning which are not necessarily taught in school.

Benefits of Tutoring

A tutor provides the student with all the necessary educational support regarding consolidation and integration of subjects taught in class. This being said, different advantages can arise from tutoring :

  • More efficient homework periods
  • Parental support for parents who do not speak French or English
  • Further training regarding reading and writing
  • Integration of mathematics and problem solving techniques
  • Exam preparation
  • Enriched knowledge and better methods of work
  • Confidence and self-esteem building
  • More positive parent-child relationships
  • Improved family dynamics

Tutoring Procedures

At Neurosolution, tutoring and homework help takes place at the clinic, in a productive and calm environment. Tutoring is usually offered on Saturdays.

  • 55 minute sessions.
  • Individual, one-on-one help.
  • Possibility for sessions in groups of two.
  • Offered to elementary and high-school students.
  • In French or in English.